Life Gets In The Way

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Sorry y’all had to wait until my lunch break…

Ever have one of those days where you are going through the motions, skating haphazardly through your routine when BAM! reality check!

This was my morning.

Here I was already running late to work (as usual) thinking about my post for the day and anxious to pick up where I left off with my book on cd, Four Blind Mice by James Patterson.

As I’m leaving the house, I take care of feeding the kitties at the last minute, they are appreciative because I’m sure they thought they would be forgotten (though they should know better, they let me know of their insecurity by hovering around my feet until the food and water in their bowls was fresh) now they’re happy and I run out once finished turning lights off on the way out. I get to the car, toss all my crap in the passenger seat and back the car out to go, got to the first speed bump on the way out and as I went over it, almost immediately the car pulled hard to the right.

Crap! I have a suspicion I know what it is but I hope it’s unfounded as I stopped, parked and got out and went to look at the front passenger tire and I’ll be damned, it’s flat. “Fuck!!” I yelled, noticing I caught an unhappy glare from a guy taking his kid to the car….oh well he’ll get over it. It was a good, uneventful morning until then…

Life is such a bitch sometimes….