Today’s Lesson: Minding Your Own Business

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I’ve been talking about the qualities of leaders – specifically leaders of families, parents. We are a large majority and I think it’s about time that we all, as a group, start taking care of business and popping these heathen kids back into shape.

Call me old fashioned but when I’m having dinner in a restaurant trying to have a nice time, I don’t wanna hear YOUR kid screaming and see you ignoring him. Take him outta the restaurant, have some damn respect and take care of YOUR business. Stop worrying about what someone is going to say and handle it, don’t make me listen to that.

For those of you church goers in the business of recruiting…I had a neighbor once ask me if she could take my child to church (I’m sure this hasn’t only happened to me). I handled that situation quickly, I don’t take my kid to church and there’s a reason for it, don’t take it upon yourself to worry over mine or any other child’s moral upbringing, being religious does not mean a person is moral. Example? The molestations in the Catholic church. Next question?

Honestly. Aren’t you all just a little bit tired of watching the circus and not getting to tell it what you would really like to see? I think it’s time the majority was allowed to speak, and I think we’d all agree that there is a difference between child abuse, neglect and successful parenting.

The majority of us know the difference and though it’s never easy to see a child being punished – you really do know the difference so when it’s just a parent handling THEIR business, STFU! You nosy nillies out there don’t need speak up and say something just because it’s not what you do, just turn your head because it’s not polite to stare and let that parent do their job, you know that’s what they’re doing.

For those of you out there that haul off and punch your kids, you need someone to smack you around a bit. You control your household yes, but you don’t treat your kids like grown ups and get in fist fights with them, that’s craziness and you’re stupid for thinking it’s okay. If you know someone that does it, its your duty to speak up and tell them what an asshole they are.

For those of you needing a book to read or some parenting advice, I have a suggestion that has helped me immensely:

I’m stepping off my soapbox now for a while because I’m late for getting ready for work. Don’t let that stop you from continuing this conversation in the comments, I’d like to hear your thoughts, I welcome them all, be nice everybody.