Blind Spot

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Much better arguments than the one I’m about to make have been made already. I’m simply weighing in because the thought of these massacres continuing is weighing me down. I cannot fathom the thought of another mass shooting, though – I can say after the measures presented in the house and senate being beaten and not passed -I think that happening makes another massacre an eventuality, not just possible.

How many people have to die before even those on the far right agree that something must change about our gun laws? I’m a gun owner, and I personally feel like what I have is sufficient for home protection and self protection. I’m also not scared of a delay in processing my purchase of a gun for the sake of a thorough background check. In my personal opinion, those who protest any further safety measures might have malicious intent. I understand being a patriot, but part of being a patriot and a human is realizing that sometimes, we must evolve as a people. Like science – that’s evolution of a people, solving problems that become pandemic for many people is a habit of human beings. Since the dawn of time we have all tried to be better humans.

Why is this our blind spot?

I want to discuss this, but reasonably, not angrily, we all want these to stop, so how do we get there when so many of us are opposed on this issue? I simply don’t understand why anyone needs an AR15 in a personal collection. I believe our rights were laid as a foundation, but seriously folks, anytime something like this becomes an epidemic, isn’t it our duty to solve the problem?

What say you?