Much Ado About Nothing

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Living. Working. Living. Working. I’m getting a little bored with being a grown up. With doing the right thing. Kinda bored with being nice too. Don’t you ever just want to yell at that jerk that shows up to work late all the time and ask him what the hell makes him so special? Why does he think he gets to work less?

Don’t you want to call in to work sometimes and refuse to acknowledge that there is anything in the world you need to do other than watching your favorite show on the DVR all day? Let the world go on without you for a day? Don’t you want to tell the jerk at the store with the screaming kid that civilized people leave the screaming kid at home or take them outside when they start screaming?

In a few weeks we’re driving to Kansas for a wedding, the timing was good and Priceline is awesome when you do you research (seriously – do your research). Something different will finally be happening on the weekend. It’ll be a long ride in the car but it will be something different, a change of scenery, a look at different (southern) parts of the country, however short it will be nice.

I have an impatient travel bug with an empty wallet. It’s a damned sentence.

We’re in that class where you work your ass off, pay your bills and find that there’s nothing left. For anything. No savings to speak of, bad credit history from when the economy hit the skids and gas cost us more than our mortgage because the only house we could afford was 50 miles from our jobs. And a mistrust of credit cards, enough that we don’t mess with them.

The bane of my existence currently? My apartment. They don’t tell you when you lease here that if you’d like to park anywhere near your apartment, investing in a parking spot is a wise decision. Let’s forget I live on the third floor. My rent is ridiculous for the quality and they nickel and dime you to death. Our lease will be up at the end of the summer and I told hubby to buy another gun because we’re getting a cheaper place.

I’m being completely facetious. We live in a suburb of Fort Worth (near DFW Int’l Airport) where if the kids are tardy four times in a semester the parents get a ticket. The cops are bored, nothing happens here. We’re safe, not to mention everything we have is just stuff….that’s covered by insurance. I’ll sacrifice the rent and some crap in the apartment to fill space to have more time for road trips and the fun things that weekends were designed for…screw buying a house, why care about that anymore, the kids will grow up and then what will you have? A liability. It’s just another roof people, it doesn’t mean anything.

Don’t you agree? Isn’t being a grown up overrated? I didn’t know that it would be this boring. We get so caught up in the daily routine that our sense of adventure gets swallowed. Don’t you think it’s time to blow the dust of and do something? What have you been itching to do lately?


The Blockage

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Guys I have to apologize, I have really had a hard time this week. Not with life, haven’t been stressed or anything, just haven’t been able to write.

Believe me this is frustrating. I’ve opened my blogging platform everyday with the intention and have had a few starts but they quickly fell flat.

Some of you may argue that all my posts fall flat and to you I say good day.

But to the rest of you, I am sorry, the writer is having a blockage in the brain area. This weekend holds promise thoguh with a Christmas party that I have to attend with hubby tonight and tomorrow will be watching his Grandmother act in a Christmas play at her church…

The bright spot is the open bar tonight…I wonder how close I can get to the bar for our table….you know, less chance of showing how drunk I am. 😉


What a World

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Last night we were watching the History Channel, they were talking about the moon walk 40 years ago and at 7:30 it was preempted by a replay of the moon landing 40 years ago.

First of all, I can understand the conspiracy theorists who say it was all filmed in a studio, I can understand why they might believe that, but I got chills as Neil Armstrong talked about his shoes leaving an imprint, the moon dust sticking to his boots and soles of the boots.

It amazed me to watch it, thinking about the fact that my mother was 110 years old when that happened. 10! We walk around in our own little minds thinking so much of ourselves and what we are doing that we forget that realistically, we are teeny tiny little nothings in this universe.

The world from a different view

I’m learning a lot about the universe and the part we play in our world now more than I ever did in school. I’m more interested now so it’s probably not that it wasn’t taught, maybe I just wasn’t hearing it. It makes me think about religion a little, a few days ago the hubby said he could see why people believe the world was created by an intelligent creator.

We’re nobodies and the discussions that I watch on the Science channel and National Geographic and all of those nerdtastic channels that I watch, just increase the belief that we’re unique yes, intelligent life is incredible but are we isolated in the galaxy, the universe? I don’t think so.

What really gets me feeling woozy and small is watching The Universe. You can guess what it’s about right? Well, when they show pictures of the earth from what must be our satellites and they show animations they’ve created of the world, it’s a hard idea to grasp that out there, is way bigger than us.

Satellite view of Florida

I wondered aloud while we watched The Universe over the weekend if there would come a time that religion was truly debunked, proven to be wrong? My feelings on religion I know are not shared by a lot of people, I personally feel very strongly that each person should have the opportunity to choose their religion for themselves.

What do you think of the universe? What are your thoughts on intelligent life beyond us?


In Real Life

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I enjoy writing every day, I get in a zone and focus once I decide what I’m writing about and enjoy that process of deciding what I’ll talk about today. What’s been the most trying thing to do in my opinion is to be careful not to step on toes. There are people in my real life that read MouthyGirl from time to time, some even daily. I relish having daily readers who also know me.

BUT….it’s a little irritating when my husband comes home and tells me the people he works with are giving him a hard time about something I have written. You see, hubby doesn’t read MouthyGirl, and that’s fine with me. I’ve always seen it as the place I can express myself. After this recent catastrophe, I considered not writing anymore, and this isn’t the first time. It pissed me off so much to be quoted out of context that I considered just quitting this time.

To those guys, and you know who you are, you nearly ended MouthyGirl for taking something I wrote and twisting it to something it wasn’t. Fortunately for the other readers of MouthyGirl I wasn’t going to let your misconception and lack of understanding of my voice stop me. I do want you to know that if you’re reading to hear about our personal lives, you might as well stop now since I can’t trust it not to be misconstrued, turned into an accusation and regurgitated to my husband, I’ll be leaving us out of it. If you like how I write and you’re genuinely interested in MouthyGirl however, great – you won’t miss it.

I did consider starting over and not telling people in my real life about a new blog, just letting it do what it’ll do on the web, but I’ve worked too hard on MouthyGirl to quit her now.

If you write a blog, have you ever had problems in real life because of something you’ve written being misunderstood?