In Real Life

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I enjoy writing every day, I get in a zone and focus once I decide what I’m writing about and enjoy that process of deciding what I’ll talk about today. What’s been the most trying thing to do in my opinion is to be careful not to step on toes. There are people in my real life that read MouthyGirl from time to time, some even daily. I relish having daily readers who also know me.

BUT….it’s a little irritating when my husband comes home and tells me the people he works with are giving him a hard time about something I have written. You see, hubby doesn’t read MouthyGirl, and that’s fine with me. I’ve always seen it as the place I can express myself. After this recent catastrophe, I considered not writing anymore, and this isn’t the first time. It pissed me off so much to be quoted out of context that I considered just quitting this time.

To those guys, and you know who you are, you nearly ended MouthyGirl for taking something I wrote and twisting it to something it wasn’t. Fortunately for the other readers of MouthyGirl I wasn’t going to let your misconception and lack of understanding of my voice stop me. I do want you to know that if you’re reading to hear about our personal lives, you might as well stop now since I can’t trust it not to be misconstrued, turned into an accusation and regurgitated to my husband, I’ll be leaving us out of it. If you like how I write and you’re genuinely interested in MouthyGirl however, great – you won’t miss it.

I did consider starting over and not telling people in my real life about a new blog, just letting it do what it’ll do on the web, but I’ve worked too hard on MouthyGirl to quit her now.

If you write a blog, have you ever had problems in real life because of something you’ve written being misunderstood?


How Could You?

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In the news locally recently a baby girl went missing and a young mother cried out on the news for help in finding her baby. My heart went out to her as she cried that she needed her baby on the 8:00 news.

Then there was new information revealed and the father was arrested for interfering with an investigation. This morning yet more information is revealed and the mother has been arrested, apparently the baby has been killed.

To that poor 9 month old soul, I hope she rests in peace, this world hardly new her, but to the parents of that poor child who cried out to the media for help knowing that there was no help to be found for her deserve every punishment the law can throw at them.

In my opinion crimes against children are the most heinous. It takes an especially sick mind to make a child a victim, to look an innocent child in the face and still want to harm them. I mourn today for Daisja Weaver.

Now the whole story is out, that the mom feared for herself and her baby and didn’t know what to do. CALL THE COPS! In the news story she says when he picked her up from work, THE DAY AFTER THE DEED WAS DONE, she was forced to go to Lake Lewisville where Dad dumped the body.

I realize it’s hard to cast blame and shadow on those inside the situation, but how do you function in any fashion normally at work when your child has been murdered? How do you get in a vehicle with a person that has killed your child? How do you look at that person and not kill them yourself?

Poor baby Daisja, who will never have a life, deserves justice.


Good Humor, Muffins and George Strait

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I’m in a much better mood today 🙂

Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell you. I woke up on the right side this morning, made muffins, coffee and J’s lunch and saw him off to work then started getting ready myself. I’m saving some time today and not straightening my hair, so I’m kinda takin it easy this morning.

I guess the last 24 hours have been kind of easy peasy so that puts me in a much more pleasant state of mind. I logged onto Twitter this morning and my cousin in Kansas has posted some cute videos of her daughter on youtube, and my other cousin Wes made a cameo appearance and I can even hear my Aunt in the background. Great way to start my day.

Speaking of videos, I have a few to post from the concert on Saturday at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. The first video is of the stadium, before we got to our seats I thought I’d film a dead on view of the stage, not like you can see it from that far away…then there’s my sisters singing along to Check Yes or No by George Strait. The third is video of the ginormous screen that we could see better than the stage. I have more videos to upload and I’ll post them later. Enjoy the videos, laugh at my sisters (and me cuz you can hear me singing) and have a great Wednesday everyone!


Obama in Cairo

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Obama delivered a much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world on Friday. Mitt Romney jumped on the Fox News bandwagon and called it the latest stop in Obama’s “apology tour”. I guess Mitt didn’t really watch the speech, but instead decided to parrot out the right wing talking points. Or perhaps he was watching the speech through shit-stained glasses. I don’t know.

The fact is the speech was not apologetic. It was honest. He spoke frankly about the stereotypes that divide us and the common principles we share. He acknowledged the stereotypes we have about the Muslim world, and the stereotypes the Muslim world has about us. The message was not directed at Al Qaeda or terrorists, but to moderates in the Muslim world. It was the beginning of the dialogue that has been sorely lacking.

I guess to some, the speech would be jarring considering that our last president neatly packaged foreign states as “against us” or “with us”. Those who were “against us” did not deserve to be heard by us. I understand, the tactic Obama is taking is huge departure from what has been done in the past and it could be uncomfortable.

The substance of the speech was to explain to Muslims the ideals which America stands for and the reasons that extremism should not be accepted in their countries. After listening to the speech in its entirety, I was very proud of his performance.

But Sean Hannity of Fox News had a different take, he said:

While much of America was asleep this morning, President Barack Obama delivered a major address in Egypt that was billed as a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world. But in the end, the president decided to use his time on foreign soil to point the finger directly at America for many of the world’s problems. And he faulted the U.S. for the tension that exists between Americans and Muslims. And that is our headline tonight: “Blaming America First.”

Now, in his remarks, Mr. Obama refused to use these words: “terror,” “terrorism,” “terrorists,” or even that term “manmade disasters.” But he repeatedly quoted the Quran and even accused Americans of overreacting to the 9-11 terror attacks.

His reporting of the speech is patently false and irresponsible. Not once did he blame America for the world’s problems, but he did characterize the Iraq ware as a “war of choice”, which it was. He did not lay blame on either party for the tensions that exist between Americans and Muslims, but he did acknowledge they exist. While he did quote the Quran, he also quoted the Bible and the Torah to illustrate how their teachings share the same fundamental ideals. Hannity’s characterization of the president’s remarks on 9/11 is twisted and just wrong. In fact, what Obama said about 9/11 was:

I’m aware that there’s still some who would question or even justify the events of 9/11. But let us be clear: Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people on that day. The victims were innocent men, women and children from America and many other nations who had done nothing to harm anybody. And yet al Qaeda chose to ruthlessly murder these people, claimed credit for the attack, and even now states their determination to kill on a massive scale. They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.

There were no apologies, none at all. I’m proud of our president: Barack Hussein Obama. And I have no apologies, none at all.