Weather Girl vs Traffic Girl Fun on the News

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There’s a fill in weather girl, Samantha Davies on Channel 5 here localy that we’ve seen regularly now for a week, she’s good and I like her, she doesn’t do any extra frilly crap and she carries the conversation with other people in the newscast easily. About a week or so ago during a newscast she was discussing the weather with the traffic girl, Tammy Dombeck and Tammy was complaining a bit about the heat and asked Samantha to cool it off or something, I don’t know exactly because I was straightening my hair in my bathroom but I heard Samantha remark, “Sure Tammy we’ll do that just for you” as a fellow smart ass, I picked up on it right away. I thought it was great, it gave me a smile.

Cut to today, Tammy says her friend invited her over to grill and Tammy said no because it’s gonna be really hot and Samantha says, “Oh Tammy don’t be high maintenance, it’s the 4th of July, you’re supposed to be grilling….” I missed the rest because I was laughing.

I think Tammy plays up the busty blonde thing and it’s old and annoying already. But I still watch this channel because I like the way they do news. Brendan and Debra are a great team and I like the regular weather girl Jennifer Lopez, who Tammy sometimes calls J-Lo (which would make me want to punch her) and the rest of the cast is good too, but my props are definitely going to Samantha. I like her a lot. I like how witty she seems to be, these offhand smart ass remarks, it’s a refreshing change from the dreary cheery bullshit of the regular cast all the time, and of course Tammy’s cutesy blonde act. Go Samantha!