Filing Taxes

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It’s that time of year when everyone is getting W2’s in the mail and thinking about the….IRS.

Well, tax time for me hasn’t been the bane of my existence it is for some of you, because it’s not like I’m making mad bank, I get by. So tax time for me usually means I’ll get a little bit back and that’s nice.

After doing my taxes last night and preparing to do J’s taxes tonight, I did the numbers and realized that last year was rougher than I really thought, I’m glad I have a positive mindset because if I’d been realistic about my unemployed situation and J’s reduced work time situation I might have lost my mind. We lost $10,000.00 last year.

When that realization hit me I was shocked, I hadn’t expected that. So to 2009, good riddance, I won’t miss that year at all, I’ll never forget it ever but I certainly never want to go through that crap again. So here’s my gift to you, the cycle that the IRS is paying out on…you know in case you’re getting a little back too. 😉

Refund payouts based on when filed..

Just so you guys know, if you go to you can see if you qualify to file your taxes for free, all you need are your w2’s and your children’s information if you’re claiming any, it’s really easy to file online, I’d recommend H&R Block because of their guarantee and I’ve been using them for several years and they’re system is really easy to use.