To Be Free

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To Be Free

I like to think in all of us lies a wandering spirit. A part of us that wants to soar high above everything and everyone and observe the world as we know it, from far above where nothing and no one can touch us. My spirit has a wanderlust that wants to see things I will never see, I might be able to make the time and create the resources to see all that I want to now, but I know that the more I see, the more I will want to see of this world, the need will never be satiated. Through my own choices I have anchored myself to one place, one plane of existence where there are expectations, and people that need me. This can be a depressing knowledge if you let it.

One of my oldest friends went West, exploring, after we both graduated high school and when I was able to reconnect with her, she had landed out West for a spell – I remember being jealous of her freedom and her daring. What a wonderful thing to hit the road and just GO! My oldest cousin had a similar freedom during youth and wandered across the country, hitchhiking even! Every time I hear these stories of wandering to parts unknown with no resources, just going and letting life happen, I am awed.

It was this type of inspiration that led me to Colorado, the biggest question was, “Why not?” and I had no definitive answer, so we went! And it WAS freeing. To leave everyone behind, was an incredible feeling that I crave feeling again. You might be concerned I’ll become a risk taking junkie – but no. I have a deep sense of responsibility to life and know that I will never risk things that would endanger anyone other than me. When I look at the freedom of this flight pictured above, the beauty that surrounds and the intonation of peace…my mind wanders to lazy days and relaxing surroundings, that I will experience. The only question is WHEN?