Who Is MouthyGirl?

I started this site in February 2008, and a lot has happened and changed since then. I was a new-ish blogger at that time, having just sold off a website I had labored over for over a year, promoted it and made decent money for a first time blogger. All that is history now and before you is a 30 something writer who has four more years of life experience to draw from and write about. Initially, my thoughts were to parlay this site to a magazine and I still sometimes have those delusions but let’s face it, there are plenty of mags and rags out there to read, why do that when you can point your browser here?

This page was initially to identify types and help other females out there find their voice, I believe that women in our generation and those after, have no issue finding their voice, in fact, sometimes they should just shut the fuck up. 😉 You’re thinking of someone right now like that, I know you are.

So this page is being repurposed. What is a MouthyGirl? She is a 30 something, outspoken soldier to her own cause. She is me, and MouthyGirl has become my alter ego. My cause is freedom from censorship, be it self-censorship or outside influence, I won’t have my voice quelled. In the past I have hedged my bets on the side of not being offensive. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck anymore if I offend someone. Don’t read it if you don’t like it, it’s that simple. Most things in life are quite simple.

I won’t be defined, shoved into a box of 140 characters for a description or otherwise cut off if I have something to say, you’ll find it here, in my own little corner of the world – wide web.


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